@clock alarm is off

Alarm types: one time, daily, or hourly. Programmable sound: use a URL or a local file. Note: using a local file only works if you download @clock and run it from your own computer. You can even run multiple copies of @clock at the same time.
Using your Downloaded Copy
Download atclock.html and then copy it to any directory (folder) you have access to. Open a browser and go to file:///FOLDER/atclock.html. ("FOLDER" is the full path to where you copied the program). You should see your copy of @clock. That's how you'll run it all the time.
Now edit your copy of atclock.html. Go to line 425 and change soundPath so that it points to your sounds or music folder. (It's easy to spot: it has arrows all around it.) Remember to put the path in quotes and follow it with a comma. Do the same thing to the next line, installPath, only put in the location of your copy of atclock.html.
If you click on the @clock symbol you will create a baby clock (just like real babies: Small, Helpless, and no Status).
Can I put @clock on my own page?
It consists of three parts: jQuery, a stylesheet, and the html.
jQuery (skip if already loaded)
Copy "<script src=\'...jquery...\'></script> into your <head> section.
( lines 17 - 19 )
Copy "<style id=\'ATCLOCK-head\'>" into your <head> section.
( lines 20 - 229 )
Copy "<div id=\'ATCLOCK-body\'>" into your <body> section.
( lines 233 - 940 )
Anything else I should know?
Your browser must support html5 and the <audio> element so that means a modern browser. Firefox 48 isn't there yet. Safari remains untested. Chrome seems best. Brave handles it ok (babies are too big).
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